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Situation/Task.  We have a common workspace in our office (copier, copy paper, pens, pencils, etc.)  It causes just about everyone in the office grief of some sort at least once a week.  For example, things I’ve personally noticed, when I need to print, the copier is empty and I need to add paper or if I need to staple, the stapler is empty (it’s a common theme in the area).   Sometimes, I will print to another drawer on the copier or look for another stapler because I’m too busy in the moment to take care of it.  The same is with pens.  If there is a pen sitting on the table and I try to use it, it doesn’t work, I’m guilty of putting it down to find one that does work instead of throwing it away.

Action For the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that there is no more aggravated chatter.  The change was noticeable.  I didn’t pay it much more attention until Friday.  I was getting ready to leave for the day and I saw Jan in the common area cleaning it up.  I said, “It’s Friday, let’s go”!  She told me she was about done so I waited for her.  When we were walking to our cars she told me that she had been going in the common area the past couple of weeks, at the end of the day, cleaning it up, making sure the copier had paper to start the next day, staplers had staples and pens/pencils that no longer did the job were disposed of properly.  She explained that she did this initially just because she was aggravated with the space but when she saw how it positively impacted everyone, she continued to do it and stated that others have seen her and started to help out.

Result The result was two-fold.  She stated that others saw what she was doing, felt the result, and started to help her keep it orderly which makes for a more efficient workday.  Instead of complaining about the space and searching for other areas with stocked materials, staff can now come to the space and complete the task at hand.  Since the space is maintained, my co-workers are not as stressed or aggravated, leaving more time to exchange pleasantries which has created a happier environment.

Value Jan displayed the value of COMPASSION to her fellow co-workers and for the company as a whole, that’s why I nominate her for the STAR of the month.

  • Nominees receive: Gift card

  • Employees of the month (selected from nominees) are eligible for choice of: $75 allotment towards the logo store, a 1-hour massage, 4 hours vacation, or $75.00 toward parking.

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