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Circumcision Care

First Day

A vaseline dressing will be applied to the circumcision area for the first 24 hours. This should be changed when soiled. After the first 48 hours it is not necessary to use vaseline or other ointments.

Call a nurse to change the first diaper after the circumcision is done. A wet diaper will sting and should be changed promptly. A small amount of watery pink or red drainage is normal. More than a few drops of blood should be checked by the nurse.

Remove the diaper carefully to prevent injury to the circumcision area in case the skin sticks to the diaper. Do not pull or stretch the skin on the penis.

After the First Day

A yellowish film may form over the end of the penis. This is the normal healing process and attempts to remove this film should not be made. Clean the circumcision area carefully with water as necessary. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a circumcision?
    The circumcision is a surgical procedure done to remove the foreskin that covers the glans (head) from the penis. There are three potential medical advantages to circumcision: prevention of cancer of the penis, phimosis, and urinary infections.
  • Is it done with anesthesia?
    There are different techniques to anesthetize the penis. Your doctor will always use one of them. The most commonly used is the penile block with Lidocaine.
  • What are the methods used for circumcision?
    The Gomco technique involves using a metal thimble-like apparatus to safely separate the foreskin and protect the head of the penis, while the excess foreskin is trimmed off. The Mogan technique uses a metal plate device with a narrow window to safely separate the foreskin and protect the head of the penis when trimming off the excess foreskin.
  • What problems can arise after a circumcision?
    • Painful tip of penis
    • Redness
    • Swelling
    • Bleeding from the foreskin edge
  • Are these problems serious?
    No, these are common effects of the circumcision and are quite minor. Even if they are present, your baby may not seem bothered by them at all. Keep in mind that if something bothers you, you should call the clinic for advice or make arrangements to bring your son to your pediatrician for an evaluation, to make sure everything is all right.
  • How do I clean the healing area?
    Gently fold back the foreskin when bathing your baby. Use a gentle soap and plenty of warm water to rinse off the lather. Carefully wash out any creamy-white debris that appears tucked inside the folds of the foreskin. Be sure to gently pull back the foreskin and clean behind it. The newly cut edge of the foreskin will have a tendency to stick back to the head of the penis if this is not done. Boys that had the Gomco or Morgan technique done should have this care done as soon as the little scabs fall off (about a day or two after the procedure).
  • For what reasons should I follow-up, call the clinic, etc.?
    If you notice any signs of poor healing or infection, such as those listed above, you should call your baby’s doctor for an appointment or stop by for an evaluation.

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