Infectious Disease

    Our infectious diseases specialists are committed to excellence in clinical care, research, and education.

    There are many types of germs (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi) that cause many infectious diseases such as influenza, Lyme disease, hantavirus, the plague, or HIV/AIDS. These germs can spread easily from one person to another, with wide-reaching and serious health consequences.

    In addition to caring for patients, our infectious diseases specialists direct many of our local hospital systems in the prevention and control of antimicrobial resistance, managing COVID-19, and providing services to patients with post-surgery, and orthopaedic infections.

    Providers for Infectious Disease

    Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine
    Infectious Disease
    Infectious Disease
    Infectious Disease

    Locations for Infectious Disease

    5678 Far Hills Avenue
    Dayton, Ohio, 45429
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