Recognizing Our Doctors and Their Secret to Success | Glen Solomon, M.D., Internal Medicine

March 30 is National Doctors’ Day. Wright State Physicians celebrates all of our doctors, for the expert patient care they provide, and dedication to educating tomorrow’s physicians, the medical students and residents at the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine.

We reached out to a few of our physicians who have patient satisfaction that is consistently in the top percentiles on the MedStatix report. We asked them to share what is essential to patient care, one important thing they do to maximize patient satisfaction, and what motivated them to go into medicine…

Glen Solomon, M.D.
Wright State Physicians, department of internal medicine

“The most essential part of patient care is listening to the patient. Giving the patient the opportunity to speak without interruption while you are totally focused on them is very important.”

“I ignore the computer when I am with the patient, except when we first begin the appointment, and I check medications and vital signs, and at the end, if I order prescriptions. I tell the patient ‘I am going to turn on the computer and then we will ignore it.’ I literally sit with my back to the computer, facing the patient.”

“I was motivated to go into medicine by the care I received as a child requiring multiple eye surgeries and treatments. I viewed physicians as heroes. Also, I couldn’t play baseball well enough to consider another career.”

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