National Doctors Day is March 30 — celebrating doctors and all they do for patients

Wright State Physicians asked some of our providers, who consistently receive high praise from patients, about their patient care philosophy. We also include comments from their patients.

Dean Bricker, M.D — Internal Medicine

What is something essential that you intentionally do for patients?

“I have come to appreciate that patients and doctors share one of the same concerns about one another —not listening.  I strive to listen more, talk less, and explore with patients what matters most regarding their motivations for improved health. Summarizing and using careful reflective statements can demonstrate that you are listening.”

What Dr. Bricker’s patients say…

My visit was great all around. Dr. Bricker took the time and was patient with my questions and concerns.

Steven Burdette, M.D. — Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease

What is something essential to patient care?

“Listen to the patient, don’t be in a rush or type while they are speaking, let them know you hear them.”

What is something you intentionally do for patients?

“I try to start off the appointment asking about something personal, not medical, like a vacation, kids, grandkids.”

What Dr. Burdette’s patients say…

Dr. Burdette is the best in his field, he has helped me the past two years. When he talks I listen!

Josette D’Amato, D.O. — OB/GYN

What is something you intentionally do for patients?

 “I show my patients that I am human too. I treat them like they are my family or best friend. I talk about their children, jobs, life stressors, and aspirations for the future, along with explaining procedures, tests and results.”

I’m blessed to take care of grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters. I’m at their sides during the birth of their babies, and hold their hands going into the operating room.”

“I am also blessed to be with Wright State Physicians in an academic setting where I can be a part of training the next generation of physicians. They are the physicians that will be taking care of me in the future and I would like for them to know to treat me as I have treated my patients.”

What Dr. D’Amato’s patients say…

Dr. D’Amato listens carefully and provides great advice. She is also very personable. 

Anne Proulx, D.O. — Family Medicine

What is something essential to patient care?

“It’s partnering with patients, not telling them what to do or being judgmental, and listening to them share things they find on the internet or reading material they bring for me to evaluate. It may take a couple of minutes more, but it helps for me to understand their health beliefs and it builds trust in the relationship.“ 

What is something you intentionally do for patients?

“I try to be present for each patient in the moment they are with me, to be accepting and empathetic.  I make eye contact. Also, if I am running late, I always apologize and recognize that their time is valuable before I sit down and ask what I can do for them today.” 

What Dr. Proulx’s patients say…

Dr. Proulx is the best doctor I’ve ever gone to in my life. She listens and explains things so you understand, and gets to the root of the issue. I wouldn’t want to go to anybody else!

Chris Schneider, M.D. — Surgery

What is something essential to patient care?

“Being able to put myself in the patient’s shoes, understanding it is more than an illness but a person with that illness. Recognizing that each patient has a family, friends, a life, that are impacted by their illness or need, and to be empathetic. Sometimes what the “textbook” says just doesn’t fit for an individual and understanding where each individual is coming from allows us to partner with them in their care rather than dictate to them.”

What is something you intentionally do for patients?

“Listen. Take time and hear their story. Ask questions to understand where people are coming from and what they need. I can be a much bigger part of their health, life, and recovery by just listening.”do for them today.” 

What Dr. Schneider’s patients say…

I feel very at ease with Dr. Schneider, and feel he cares. He explains next steps while allowing me to be active in my care. 

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