Fertility Program: Attain IVF Flex Plans

Attain IVF gives you every conceivable chance for success

Attain logoWright State Physicians Obstetrics & Gynecology is the exclusive provider of the Attain® IVF Flex Plans in our region, which provides you multiple IVF cycles for a single, discounted fee. We are excited to offer these plans to our patients, because we are committed to making IVF care as accessible as possible — including patients with limited or no insurance coverage for treatment.

If you plan to use your own eggs there are two plans you may be eligible for:

  • Core Plan — You get up to two egg retrievals and the transfer of all resulting embryos until you take home a baby. As long as your doctor recommends IVF using your own eggs, you are automatically eligible for the Core Plan.
  • Refund Plan — Available to patients who meet certain clinical criteria, you can choose from 2 or 3 egg retrievals and the transfer of all resulting embryos until you take home a baby. If treatment is unsuccessful, you receive a refund of up to 70 percent. The Refund Plan provides peace of mind that your finances are preserved should you decide to pursue other family-building options.

If you plan to use donor eggs:

The Attain IVF Flex Plan for Donor Egg Recipients allows you to pre-pay for your treatment plan — which may include multiple IVF cycles — for a one-time, discounted, fixed fee. If treatment is not successful, you are entitled to as much as 100 percent of your fee back. This plan is available to most individuals who plan to use donor eggs.

Why choose a course-of-treatment program rather than pay as you go?

Even with the best technology and treatment, it takes most women more than one IVF cycle to be successful. The unknown about how many cycles you should go through and how much it will cost can be stressful — and increase the chance that you’ll stop treatment too early. That’s why we recommend an Attain IVF course-of-treatment plan to our patients.

We find that when our patients enroll in an Attain IVF Flex Plan, they are able to commit to the full treatment plan we have designed for them, which gives them the best possible chance of becoming a parent

Here’s the exciting news: 80 percent of participants who complete their Attain IVF plan have a baby!*

How do I apply for Attain IVF?

Once your doctor recommends IVF, we can submit an Attain IVF application on your behalf to verify which plan(s) you are eligible for. There’s no cost to apply and no obligation to enroll. All you need to do is tell your Financial Counselor you’re interested in Attain IVF and we’ll take care of the rest!

Once the Attain IVF clinical team reviews your application, a caring and knowledgeable Attain Customer Care Specialist will contact you directly to review your options and guide you through enrollment.

Our goal is for you to know all of the options available to you so you can make the best possible decision.

About Attain IVF

Attain IVF Flex Plans are administered by IntegraMed Fertility. Only select fertility centers throughout the United States are invited to offer their plans and the Wright State Physicians Obstetrics & Gynecology Fertility Program is the sole provider of Attain IVF Flex Plans in our region.

Enrolling in an Attain IVF plan has absolutely no impact on your treatment plan. You will receive the same exact care, services and attention at our center. Attain IVF Flex Plans are designed solely to help control the costs associated with your treatment.

Financing options also available

We are pleased to provide you access to fertility loans through CapexMD as a means to finance all or part of your Attain IVF Flex Plan fee along with your fertility medications. Just ask us for details or you can visit them online at CapexMD.com.

* Program success rates are an average of all patients who completed an Attain IVF plan from 2009-2011. Includes participants across our network of participating fertility centers.