Vascular Surgery: Carotid Artery Surgery Pre-Surgical Information

The purpose of your surgery (Carotid Artery Surgery) is to increase the amount of blood flow to the brain and to remove plaque or clots which could decrease blood flow to your brain causing a stroke.

The following are instructions which should be followed in preparation for your procedure:

Nutrition: Do not eat or drink after 12 midnight on the day of your surgery.

Medications: Discuss with your doctor or nurse what medications are allowed before surgery. If you are told to continue your medications, most can be taken with a sip of water. Please take your bottles of medications with you to the hospital.

Pre-admission labs & tests: Your doctor and nurse will review your records to determine the need for additional labs and tests. You will be advised by our office and the hospital staff, the expected arrival time for pre-surgical testing and surgery. It is very important that you arrive on time.

Day of Surgery: When you arrive at the hospital, you will talk to a number of people. These individuals are all a necessary in providing you the best care. In addition to the surgeon, an anesthesiologist will be in the surgical room throughout the procedure. The anesthesiologist is the doctor who will put you to sleep or numb your neck so that surgery can be performed. He/she will also continuously monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.

Post Surgery: After surgery you will be taken to an area called the Recovery Room. This is an area close to Surgery where you can be monitored by specially trained nurses for a short period of time. From the Recovery Room, you will be taken to your room where family and friends can visit. Hospital staff and physicians will come to the surgical waiting room to provide period updates to immediate family members.

Discharge: The anticipate length of stay in the hospital is one or two days following surgery. You will be given specific discharge instructions prior to discharge.

For questions before or after surgery, please call Debbie Akemon, RN, at (937) 276-7642.