The Liver Cancer Center of Ohio



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The Liver Cancer Center of Ohio

A new center with a unique dual focus

The Liver Cancer Center of Ohio is a new practice with a unique multidisciplinary approach to provide the most convenient and effective care for every patient. The center brings together some of the area’s top interventional radiologists and hepatobiliary surgeons to offer coordinated, personalized treatment in conjunction with a patient’s other care providers.

Coordinated, comprehensive care

The Liver Cancer Center provides coordinated, comprehensive care for patients with liver tumors. Our multidisciplinary team of physicians combines dedicated expertise in a wide range of surgical and interventional services to offer patients the most advanced and effective treatment options.

Our unique, dual-specialty approach enables patients to consult with both surgeons and interventional radiologists during a single office visit. We also collaborate closely with oncologists, gastroenterologists, primary care physicians and other care providers to provide coordinated care for each patient and develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan.

Our goal is to offer exceptional, cutting-edge care that is convenient, comfortable and effective for our patients. If you are a referring physician, patient or family member interested in a unique new approach to the treatment of liver tumors, we invite you to contact the Liver Cancer Center of Ohio.

State-of-the-art procedures

Our physicians specialize in a variety of surgical and interventional procedures. Drawing on their extensive experience and using the most advanced medical tools and facilities, our physicians perform:

  • Laparoscopic and open liver resections
  • Staged or redo liver resections
  • Laparoscopic microwave and Radio Frequency Ablations (RFA)
  • Percutaneous CT-guided ablations
  • Hepatic artery (HA) chemoembolization
  • HA yttrium-90 microsphere radioembolization
  • Pre-liver resection portal vein embolization
  • PTC catheter and/or high biliary stent placement