Hidden Scar™ breast cancer surgery offers women another option

DAYTON, OHIO—In the past, women facing breast cancer had two options—removing the cancerous tissue with a mastectomy procedure in which all of the breast tissue is removed or a lumpectomy procedure in which only a part of the breast tissue is removed.

Today, surgeons are now able to offer women a third alternative. Through the Hidden Scar™ breast cancer surgery approach, specially-trained surgeons can make an incision in an inconspicuous area to minimize scarring through nipple-sparing mastectomy or breast-conserving (lumpectomy) procedures. The patient will have little to no visible reminder of the breast cancer surgery.

Rebecca Tuttle, M.D., a surgeon with Wright State Physicians Surgical Oncology and an assistant professor of surgery at the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, was recently certified to provide Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery. The advanced special training has enabled her to offer her patients a way to preserve a natural-looking breast by sparing the nipple, areola and surrounding tissue.

“Obvious scars on the breast can be a constant reminder to women of their breast cancer and the surgery they had to treat it,” Tuttle said. “Hiding the scars on the breast or preserving the nipple often allows women to be happier with their cosmetic outcome.”

Many factors are considered when determining what breast surgery type and location would work for each individual patient. “Some of those factors include the size and location of the tumor, the size and shape of the patient’s breast, the appearance of the patient’s nipple and whether or not the patient is a smoker,” Tuttle said. “Patients should ask their surgeon if they are a candidate for Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery.”