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July 15, 2014

Volume 1, Number 2 

New hires

Faculty Affairs

Kelly Rabah, Director of PSQI in Graduate Medical Education, effective 3/3/2014

Family Medicine

Michelle Marie Adkins, Certified Medical Assistant, effective 5/19/2014
Jill Ellis, Certified Medical Assistant, effective 5/19/2014
Lisa Kaiser, M.D., effective 5/27/2014

Internal Medicine

Jessica Melvin, Certified Medical Assistant, effective 3/10/2014
Melissa Nordyke, Medical Assistant, effective 5/27/2014
William John Porter, Student Worker, effective 6/9/2014
Audrey Selby, Student Worker, effective 6/9/2014

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Kelly Marie Lewis, REI Registered Nurse/Research Nurse, effective 5/12/2014
Steven Lindheim, M.D., 4/1/2014


Kim Hunter, Medical Billing Specialist, effective 5/19/2014


Jason Bailey, Practice Manager, effective 4/7/2014
Jessica Boyer, Certified Medical Assistant, 6/3/2014
Christen Richardson, Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner, effective 4/14/2014
Jamie Stewart, Certified Medical Assistant, effective 4/28/2014
Amelia Kaidi Whitlatch, Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner, effective 3/3/2014

Weekend Intervention Program

Kathleen Murphy, Senior Counselor (WIP), effective 5/27/2014
Margaret Ortiz, Senior Counselor (WIP), effective 3/20/2014


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